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We went to check the area where the wedding is going to take place. It is a very classy architecture of some 1940's (my guess according to the style). I found this instalation in the elevator loby. It looks a bit out of time, but I simply like this kind of things.

2007-09-30 20:22:27 • 12 Comments • Categories: [abstract]  [architecture]  

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Sherri - pearweed on Selfportrait
Clever self portrait. It makes for a beautiful image with the shadows and the sea.

jelb on Bray - holiday resort of Dublin
Good composition..Playing with lines..:-)..Bravo!

Tom on Bray - holiday resort of Dublin
Nice composition and symmetry in this image. The orange shirt against the blue sky immediately draws your attention. I could also see this as a black and white image with just the shirt in orange.

Shuva on Bray - holiday resort of Dublin
Neat and clean shot. Well composed too.

L.Reis on Bray - holiday resort of Dublin
The red has a mesmerising effect on this eyes are compelled to follow their "track"...

Arjan - PlasticDaisy on Bray - holiday resort of Dublin
Is that guy sleepwalking? ;) Lovely bright and vivid colors in this picture.

Mirco on Bray - holiday resort of Dublin
First of all, thank for all the kind comments at my Photoblog :)

Thank you for the Information about my broken RSS Feed. Now it is working (I hope so).

Sorry for my Freaky English

Mindy on Bray - holiday resort of Dublin
fun shot. The orange shirt, red receptacle and deep blue sea against the muted concrete and sand really make this interesting.

Marek on Bray - holiday resort of Dublin
the boy looks like scaring someone :)

david on The Monument
an odd looking building...i like your framing.

Frank on Bray - holiday resort of Dublin
Interesting symmetry.

pieterbie on Op-art
Always a nice effect. I remember taking a similar photo in the court of the royal palace in Paris.

pieterbie on Just Married
You got married. Congrats!

Chris on Back In Ireland!
Love the light here. Nice work

Marianne on Back In Ireland!
Nice everyday-shot. Like the light too...

Kheoh Yee Wei on Back In Ireland!
Nice perspective !

jump on Back In Ireland!
Wonderful light on this shot :)

Arjan - PlasticDaisy on Back In Ireland!
Thanks for commenting on my site! :) I'm gonna go check out your archive in a minute. Your latest picture is already one I like alot. The autumn sun casting long shadows makes it really interesting.

dylan on Wedding
good luck with the wedding bells

Pinto on Back In Ireland!
Nice work! Good use of light.