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Lightpainting I

I read somewhere that macro is the most affordable kind of photography. You do not need to travel anywhere. The objects could be found all around you. Plain paper on the nighttable would substitute the studio and as for the lighting, torch would do almost the same job as profesional set. I can proove it's true.

2007-08-26 09:53:06 • 5 Comments • Categories: [abstract]  [close-ups]  

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Mindy on Window
classic, but rustic framing. I love the details...wood texture, nail sticking out and chipped inside wall. well done!

vinz on Window
Nice shot! i like this

austriaka on Window
a great view through the window!

Evi on Just Married
I married on October 11, 1997. Completing a decade!

Marianne on Window
I like the view too...Interesting story...

jump on Window
Very nice view trough this windows, nice green :))

Frank on Op-art
Beautiful and interesting reflections. I also like the symmetry here. ;)

Frank on Just Married
Congrats to your wedding. :)

Senia on Ross Beach
W-O-W! :o

ChaCha on Op-art
Cool Shot!

senia on Op-art
Very nice!
Kiss from Italy :)

Matthias on Op-art
cool effect and so simple ;-)

Evi on Op-art
Beautiful glow and repetition of yourself!

jelb on Op-art
Well done shot..Good idea..Bravo!

jump on Op-art
Hehe, great reflections :))

ColNed Pictures on Op-art
Great shot very nice idea !!

Marco on Wedding
All the best!!

I loved all the pictures. I even saved some. You are talented when it comes to pics.

L.R on Op-art
So many self-portraits :D Nice effect!

marko on Wedding
Congratulations (and welcome to the reality of the marriage ;))! Btw, we have The Irish Festival of Oulu (which is located in Finland) at the end of this week and the festival director gave a presscard to me. So I think we'll have some "Irish" pictures at ouluphotos blog in a week or so.