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black moon II
black moon II
another worlds again
2007-07-13 22:46:37 • 0 Comments • Categories: [abstract]  [close-ups]  
black moon eclipseblack moon IIHere comes the sun
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riika on Countryside
What a wonderful landscape!

Shazeen Samad on Countryside
Beautiful angle,

petitlouis on Countryside
A wonderfull landscape, really ! Very nice shoot !

chaCha on Countryside
Nice shot!

Matthias on Countryside
very lovely landscape! It looks very nice there ;-)

Frank on Countryside
Thank you for the comment on my blog. Ireland points out good memories to me, indeed I spent one week to Dublin where I could carry out beautiful photographs. People also were super.

jump on Countryside
Wow, what a wonderful place.. I wish one day i could visit your country :)

Brandon on Countryside
Nice skyscape. I like the cows :)

Suby & Sinem on Countryside
This actually makes me wish I was in the country side :D

kurt on Countryside
excellent! fantastic landscape shot.

crash on speed in the train III
cool motion shot ... was this an old fashion train ride ?

crash on Countryside
wow! i wish we had countryside like this near me!

Frank on speed in the train III
Again a interesting movement.

jump on speed in the train III
Cool shot, i like the movement effect :)

chacha on speed in the train III
like the results of this. Nice framing

ColNed Pictures on speed in the train III
A great example of speed photography.....great shot

riika on speed in the train III
You've captured the speed well. Good work.

vinz on speed in the train II
(Merci pour ton passage Tom!) J'aime bien l'effet.. nice shot!

crash on Moyne Abbey II
cool old building ... love the architecture

crash on speed in the train II
wow! crazy effect!!