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Doo Lough II
Doo Lough II
The last picture from the Doo Lough series. Later we moved on to Connemara Nationa Park
2007-06-29 14:21:46 • 3 Comments • Category: [mother nature]  
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Evie on black moon eclipse
I really like this shot. Very nicely done.

L.R on black moon eclipse
I couldn't agree with you more...creativity has its own worlds just at the reach of the eyes. This world you've discovered is aa awesome experience of light. The title is also just great!

anton on black moon eclipse
Nice use of light and shade.

Phideas on departure no.2
Very cool!!

Phideas on lower lake, killarney
Dark & beautiful!!

Phideas on speed in train
Really like this one, mysterious in many ways...

Phideas on storming
Great shot!!

Marek on connemara I
Amazing view, i like these kind of panoramatic picures :)

LR on castle
God!! There are amazing places on this corner of the galaxy!!What a magnificent landscape. It has it all : a heavy sky, a tapestry made of green, the roughness of the rock and the quietnees of the sea... it even has an enchanted castle :) :) Master composition!

calusarus on connemara II
Nice view. Looks like the Great Wall !

L.R on fishermen
Did they caught anything? :) It doen't matter, just being there surrounded by waves and salt should be enough...Awesome atmosphere!

Evie on castle
Beautiful landscape.

Babul Bhatt on lemon
Again a very wonderful subject with contrasting background, excellent work

Babul Bhatt on castle
Amazing composition and lights. This is a lovely place. Mesmerising and very unique. You have a great collection of photographs :)

Matthias on Doo Lough II
very nice landscape! I love the composition of the lights and darks at this photo. Very nice!

L.R on Doo Lough II
A place where silence can be amazing "piece of the world" coming alive through your eyes. Great shot!

jump on Doo Lough II
Another place where i would like to be :)) nice photo and great atmosphere

jump on Doo Lough
I would like to walk here :)

Mirco on storming
great view and compo!

jump on storming
Ipressive theses black clouds and this dangerous road :))