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mini sand dunes
if you can't get the point of this shot... concentrate on the right hand side, there are my fingers :-)
2007-06-12 15:26:11 • 0 Comments • Categories: [everydays life]  [abstract]  
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petitlouis on Cows
A very good framed shot, love it !

igor on Countryside
Great composition, reminds me of the Costa Rican countryside.

Matthias on Cows
very nice with the clouds in the background - the cows are very nice, too :-)

ChaCha on Cows
Like this shot...The sky makes the image look classic

Evi on bicycling
Beautiful silhouettes and composition.I have a different opinion, i think the tree adds a lot there.

Evi on speed in the train III
Fabulous action shot. Ican almost feel the movement.

crash on Cows
cows on the look out for that evil villain ... the milk man!

Marianne on Cows
Love shot! I love cows :-)

Will Williams on Countryside
Lovely idyllic country setting, the light on the grass adds a great sheen.

riika on Countryside
What a wonderful landscape!

Shazeen Samad on Countryside
Beautiful angle,

petitlouis on Countryside
A wonderfull landscape, really ! Very nice shoot !

chaCha on Countryside
Nice shot!

Matthias on Countryside
very lovely landscape! It looks very nice there ;-)

Frank on Countryside
Thank you for the comment on my blog. Ireland points out good memories to me, indeed I spent one week to Dublin where I could carry out beautiful photographs. People also were super.

jump on Countryside
Wow, what a wonderful place.. I wish one day i could visit your country :)

Brandon on Countryside
Nice skyscape. I like the cows :)

Suby & Sinem on Countryside
This actually makes me wish I was in the country side :D

kurt on Countryside
excellent! fantastic landscape shot.

crash on speed in the train III
cool motion shot ... was this an old fashion train ride ?